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“Engage in Spanish” – This is a dedicated space for those who have already embarked on their journey of learning Spanish and are looking to elevate their skills to the next level. Here, conversation is key.

Online classes focus on students with an intermediate or advanced level of Spanish, providing a platform to practice and perfect their conversational skills. Various strategies are employed to enhance fluency and comprehension, such as:

  • Dialogues and Debates: Current and general interest topics are used to foster lively discussions, allowing students to express their opinions and arguments in Spanish.
  • Role-plays: Students can assume different roles in various situations, helping them familiarize themselves with a variety of contexts and vocabulary.
  • Analysis of Videos and Audios: Authentic multimedia materials are an excellent tool for improving listening skills and learning Spanish as it is spoken in real life.
  • Real-time Error Correction: Errors are a natural part of language learning. Here, they are corrected constructively to help students continuously improve.

This is not a place to start from scratch, but to build upon the foundation you already have. So, if you already have a basic knowledge of Spanish and are ready to challenge your conversational skills, this is the place for you. Come and join the conversation!




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