Waku Cacao: A Different Type of Chocolate

El Hatillo is the ideal place when you want to get out of the city of Caracas for a while and decompress the tensions of the week walking through its narrow streets looking for alternatives to shop, have a coffee, a glass of wine, or eat a dessert while enjoying the small-town-of-the-past atmosphere that this place offers.

Two weeks ago, while walking with my brother, we discovered a place where you can enjoy chocolate in a totally different way than in a regular chocolate shop. The place is called Waku Cacao, and it offers a different chocolate tasting experience than you might be used to.

Thomas, the manager, has an impressive encyclopedic knowledge about Venezuelan chocolate, the places where it is grown, its characteristics, ways of preparation, and many other details. He allowed us to taste the seeds of one of the several types of cocoa used in the preparation of their recipes and taught us how to taste them. He told us that chocolate is prepared in the same store in different presentations: as chocolate bars, hot chocolate, bonbons, and many other forms.

One of their specialties is the preparation of bonbons that combine chocolate with natural fruit flavors such as tangerine, orange and even roots such as ginger, among many other combinations. These are novel and exotic flavors that are not usually found in other stores in the industry.

In the store, it is also possible to sit down and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate prepared with products of different national denominations grown in places such as Táchira and Amazonas. The store area is divided into different environments, each of them identified with the name of the Venezuelan cocoa denominations they use. They also have a lounge area where you can sit and enjoy the atmosphere and their products. A unique detail is that the store offers the opportunity to play different board games with friends while consuming the products they serve.

Waku Cacao is located on Calle Comercio with Calle Bolivar, El Hatillo, their phone numbers for general information and orders are 0212-9634776 0414-7111887, and its handle in all social networks is @wakucacao.




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